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David Mills on Christian Love and Dorothy Day's Conversion

At Our Sunday Visitor, conference presenter David Mills writes:

Early motherhood forms an ideology-free zone. There’s that. It’s easy to be kind to someone who’s pushing a baby in a stroller. But the “we” to whom the neighbors were kind included her Communist and atheist common-law husband, who seems to have been publicly difficult about these things, and others like them. The neighbors crossed hard boundaries in their kindness.
Not everyone would do this. Day doesn’t say every neighbor was like that, or that the neighbors who were like that were always like that. But they were unexpectedly kind enough for her to notice, and remember. They simply treated these odd people as men and women loved by God, and did not identify them first by their politics or their morals, or even their manners.

Keep reading "Be friends with the radicals: Dorothy Day and what it means to love our neighbors" here.

At the conference, David Mills will be speaking on the topic how to address extremely painful topics in your work as a writer or conversationalist. You can register here, and please e-mail to confirm your registration form didn't get caught in the vortex.

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