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A Good Discourse Conference

January 22 - 24, 2021


Is this conference for you?

  • You are passionate about the Catholic faith.

  • You are actively engaged in conversation with others .

  • You are distressed by the anger and division that has grown among sincere, faithful Catholics and undermines our ability to work together to share the Gospel.

  • You would like to be part of the solution.

Three ways to become part of the Catholic community creating A Good Discourse:

1. Open the conversation!  Use your presence in social media or at your professional platform to share your thoughts with others on the challenge of creating a more charitable public discourse among Catholics who are passionate about the faith.

2. If you are free the weekend of January 22-24, register for the conference.  Attend, get to know the others present, and begin discerning your personal call to holiness and the work of reconciliation and mercy among opinionated, hard-charging, passionate Catholics.

3. Join in the on-going conversation post-conference, whether via your public media presence or in private discussion among others who share in the goal of creating A Good Discourse in Catholic public life.

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