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Registration Confirmations - Check Your Mail

2nd Update: The conference information has been sent out to all participants. If you did not receive a "Welcome to A Good Discourse" e-mail Saturday morning from Jen Fitz (double check your spam), please e-mail ASAP. We have had no end of spiritual warfare on this conference. Do not let the Lord's will for your life be thwarted. If you requested an invitation, it should be in your inbox. If it's not, e-mail us and we'll get you sorted out.

*** Update Saturday AM: We were able to confirm the registration form went out of order sometime on the 14th. If you have been attempting to register and ran into problems, please e-mail Registration confirmation e-mails coming shortly. Original note: Hey everyone, We have received at least one report of a registration form not coming through properly. I've retested the registration link and it functioned for me (using an alternate e-mail, etc etc), but that does not mean that it is working for everybody. What you need to know: I will be sending out an e-mail to everyone who has registered, and that will contain all the scheduling details, Zoom ID's, etc. When I send that, I will update here so that you know it's gone out. (I am not going to predict when it's going to arrive, because those predictions seem to tempt fate for me. Sorry.) At that point, if it appears your registration didn't go through, email agooddiscourse @ gmail and we'll get you sorted out.

To our knowledge there are still plenty of spaces, so don't panic. It'll be fine.

That is correct. We have reached the point in conference planning craziness when it is time to pull out the polar bear picture. Everything will be just fine. Just. Fine. See you Friday night!

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