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How to Hide the Medicine: Chris Pratt’s Nine Rules for Life

From Melanie Bettinelli, a careful study of the art of proclaiming the Gospel to one of the most hostile audiences an actor could face:

As a teacher, I’m already filing it away for future use. Pratt’s speech would be perfect to use as an example of persuasive writing or speaking or as an example of masterly evangelization. This is how you preach the Gospel in public to a secular audience and walk away with atheists and agnostics praising you for having the courage of your convictions, even while they disagree with you about God.
It’s an elegant, humble, and funny proclamation of the Gospel in a way that is totally accessible to anyone and offensive to no one. Masterfully done. And with a poop joke. (Many people complained about the out of place poop joke, but as I shall explain I think it’s one of the most masterful of his rhetorical devices. Pitch perfect even while sounding awkward and out of place.)

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