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Why people are coming to A Good Discourse

We've received tremendous feedback on the need for this conference. Here is Catholic blogger Mark Wilson on his story:

I was feeling rather blue one night after reading what I considered some pretty awful opinions about current events. How could I actually engage these online thoughts with reason and charity? It’s not always possible to find well thought out facts as that takes energy, time, and research. Especially when you work, have ADD, and never get enough sleep and get anxiety from trying to take in too much information. It's easy to just say what comes to mind whether it's reasonable or not. But you're then usually left to reducing what you write to ad hominem attacks. What is a active writer supposed to think and do?
I got my answer the following morning when I was included in a particular post advertising an online conference for writers that think.

We still have a spaces open if you are interested in attending. Register here.

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