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The World Needs Countercultural Catholic Disciples

From Marcel LeJeune, writing about how Catholic disciples need to stop conforming to the world and start conforming to Jesus Christ:

If there is one thing dividing our country right now, it is politics. It is even dividing Catholic from Catholic. Yes, there are some things that are clearly right - but screaming at someone who is wrong generally won't change their mind or heart. Nor will it change their politics.
There is an alternative for Catholics and it starts by being politically active, while not being politically pigeonholed. Catholicism doesn't neatly fit into a party platform - ANY political party platform. Thus, our identity shouldn't be Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, etc. Nor should it be progressive, conservative, moderate, etc.
Our identity should be Catholic. ALL of what it means to be Catholic. We also need to be humble enough to listen to our leaders, faithful enough to conform our lives to Catholic doctrines, and good enough to transcend the toxicity in our culture.
A last thought on politics. If you are more apt to speak boldly on politics than Jesus, there is something deeply lacking in your faith.

Before you get too comfortable -- politics might not be your weak spot -- read the whole thing. He's got three the other ways we let our good intentions derail our Christian life, so don't count yourself in the clear just yet.

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